Dressing room interior design ideas

Dressing rooms have become an increasingly popular addition to homes across the UK – and let’s face it, nothing can be more luxurious than a dedicated space for clothes and getting ready! We’ve got some top dressing room interior design ideas to create the perfect space to unwind and support your daily getting ready rituals.

A thoughtfully designed dressing room with well organised storage will provide a truly beautiful space that’s both functional and comfortable.

What does every dressing room need?

  • Storage solutions – to provide enough hanging and shelving space for your clothes, shoes and accessories.
  • Built in fitted wardrobes – bespoke cabinetry that maximises the space.
  • Seating – a must-have for any dressing room, providing a comfortable place to sit and contribute to the overall aesthetic.
  • Mirrors – no dressing room is complete without a mirror to create the illusion of space and check your appearance.
  • Good lighting – an ambience that creates a soft glow, with focused lighting in areas near the mirrors or the dresser.

Whatever design elements you choose to incorporate, your dressing room needs to work for you, using the perfect combination of design and function. Whether it’s an organised wardrobe, drawer space, a dressing table or countertop, every detail needs to be carefully considered to create a personalised organised space.

Blending your dressing room with the master bedroom

A dressing room is an integral part of the bedroom suite and should be thoughtfully designed to match the decor and layout of the adjoining master bedroom.

By seamlessly integrating the dressing room with the overall bedroom design using similar colours, materials and style, you can achieve a polished, functional space that feels peaceful yet inspiring.

Customised dressing room storage solutions

A custom built-in wardrobe will help to maximise every inch of space and create a home for storing clothes, shoes and accessories. Some clients prefer an open wardrobe where they can display and easily access their attire, whilst others opt for a more discreet approach with concealed custom-built cabinets that offer elegant, clean lines.

Lisa Barnes comments: “Making a feature out of the custom fitted wardrobes can create a striking effect and makes use of every inch of storage space. They are so timeless and can easily be repainted or doors can be changed in years to come if you wanted a fresh new look.”

Dressing room storage

It’s important to think about what shelving and rails you are going to need so that the cabinetry can be customised specifically for your requirements.

Consider a dressing room island

For those with a larger dressing room space, a dressing room island gives a central focal point, as well as providing extra drawer storage for accessories and folded clothes.  A centrally placed statement lighting piece directly above the island unit creates a focus and provides an alternative source of light to balance the directional downlights.

dressing room island

A dressing room island should only be considered if you have enough space, otherwise it can make the room look too small. These can be custom-built to your unique size specification, but we recommend leaving at least 120 cm on all sides of the island to optimise the space.

What is the best type of lighting for a dressing room?

Lighting can make a real difference to the functionality and atmosphere of the dressing room.  Dimmer downlights help create a soft warm glow and can be adjusted and positioned in areas where you need the focus.  If you have coving or cornices, recessed LED lighting can create a subtle but impressive lighting effect. Wall lights either side of the dressing table can help create symmetry.

Motion sensor LED lighting inside the wardrobe or custom cabinetry can be seamlessly integrated to any shelf or rail, allowing you to easily see your garments.

For drama, hang an elegant chandelier as the focal point over a glamorous dressing table or central island.

What finishing touches can be added to a dressing room?

The finishing touches to a dressing room allow you to bring your personality to the space, so they are entirely unique to you. These might include:

Fabric Accents: Incorporate on-trend fabric touches like an upholstered bench or accent chair.

Rug: A rug adds softness and warmth underfoot. Play with patterns and textures considering the adjoining bedroom.

Decorative Cushions: Display cushions onto benches, chair or window seats.

Artwork: If you have available wall space, hang a striking piece of art incorporating accent colours of any fabric or wall covering.


A well designed and functional dressing room not only gives you that secluded space to store your clothes and accessories, but it can also potentially add value to your home, especially when thoughtful consideration is given to design and space.

Bringing your unique dressing room to life

Ready to transform your dressing room? Get in touch with us and let us help you design your dressing room to meet your storage and lifestyle needs.