Garden Offices Cheshire

Our customisable bespoke garden offices separate home from work without the stress of interruptions. Our eco-friendly and low maintenance offices, provide a comfortable work space throughout the seasons. In addition highly insulated and energy efficient. Emmie B Interiors design the interior of your garden office reflecting your personal taste, whilst also bringing a high level of professionalism and flare.  For information about garden offices Cheshire contact us on 01925 732777, alternatively email

All year round

These comfortable eco-offices are structurally insulated, therefore heat efficient and habitable all year round.

Customisable exterior

Customise the exterior of your garden office, as we have a wide range of cladding options available.

Decking space

Flexible outside decking space with louvred wall also available if required.

Emmie B Interiors Limited
Suite D, West Barns, Rouge Farm, Bentley Farm Lane, Higher Whitley, Cheshire, WA4 4QW

T 01925 732777